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>>> Hang glider COMET C3

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If you have additional information (ex: specificity of piloting, various characteristics...) on the hang glider Comet C3 by UP Ultralight Products, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us :

Hang glider card : Comet C3
Name :
Manufacturer :
UP Ultralight Products
Year :
Pilot level :
Manual :
Document(s) :
Hang glider model :
Wing area (m²) :
Wing span(m) :
Aspect ratio :
Hang glider weight (kg) :
Minimum pilot weight (kg) :
Maximum pilot weight (kg) :
Minimum speed (km/h) :
Maximum speed (km/h) :
Max glide ratio (L/H) :
Max glide ratio speed (km/h) :
Minimum sink rate (m/s) :
Packed length (m) :
Packed length short (m) :
Number of battens :
Nose angle (°) :



This is a photo I took of my Comet-3 in a park behind my house in California. I was planning on rebuilding it with state of the art tubing and hardware but never got around to it.
I was delighted to see it show up on your wonderful "Delta Club" site. This glider had a 125 degree nose angle and was comperable to the large Axis, with better handling qualities. This was also the heaviest glider I've owned, approx. 85+ lbs. Non the less a very impressive performer.
Chris D. Perkins


Specifications: Nose angle 120
Aspect ratio 6.5
Span 34.8 feet
Wing area 185
Battens 25
Wt. range 170 - 290 lbs


what is pilot rate for this glider?