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Accueil bible » Deltaplane : Condor

Si vous avez des informations complémentaires (ex : spécificité du pilotage, particularités diverses, photos...) sur le deltaplane Condor fabriqué par UP Ultralight Products, ajoutez votre commentaire (en bas de page) ou écrivez nous:

Fiche deltaplane : Condor
Nom :
Fabricant :
UP Ultralight Products
Année :
Niveau de pilotage :
Manuel :
Document(s) :
Modèle :
Surface (m²) :
Envergure(m) :
Allongement :
Poids de l'aile (kg) :
Poids pilote mini (kg) :
Poids pilote maxi (kg) :
Vitesse mini (km/h) :
Vitesse maxi (km/h) :
Finesse maxi (L/H) :
Vitesse à finesse maxi (km/h) :
Taux de chute mini (m/s) :
Longueur pliée (m) :
Longueur mini (m) :
Nombre de lattes :
Angle de nez (°) :



I flew the UP Condor in the late 70s. The glider was what I will Call a typical floater.
It flew very slowly, and the wires were very slack before I came airborne. Bud easy to fly.
Could it be the legendary HG-pilot Ed Cesar who is in the Picture together With the Condor?


Condor was a ease hang glider to fly and help you on fly( like a mother). I use to have a Condor size 151 great hang glider.
Size of UP Condor: 151, 174, 192 and 224


One of the most memorable flights I had was in a Condor. Very much a floater and easy to fly.
Could be Ed, though the person in the photo looks a bit to bulky to be Cesar.
Not sure about "legendary".


The Condor was a 1977ish glider. I'm currently converting film of mine to digital from a 1977 hang gliding meet in Southern OR. Pete Brock, of Ultralite Products, also attended that Starthistle meet. He brought with him his newest glider, the UP Condor. They were indeed a nice floater and the guys Pete brought with him did a great job of showing that. I was flying a Bill Bennet Phoenix 8sr, that's how I know it was 1977ish.