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Ecrit par: tigouille 03 août 2018 à 13:03
Ricardo Ricky Rojas
20 juillet, 16:39
First Flight impressions
Wills Wing Sport 3 155 vs. Moyes Gecko 155

Thanks to Matthew Taber at LMFP I had the opportunity to fly both gliders back to back at Lookout Mountain Flight Park this past week, I am a retired advanced rated instructor/tandem/competition pilot and these are my impressions!

At 65 lbs. the Gecko is 7 lbs. heavier than the Sport 3 and you can really notice it. Also the cover from the Gecko is sturdier/heavier with bulkier pads, so folding and storing, depending in your harness could be more troublesome. Static balance is great on both, but again, moving around setup area/landing zone is noticeably easier with the S3. Setup is pretty much the same.

Sport 3 155 👍

Both gliders are simply great! However flying in light and variable stuff, the "lightness" of the Sport 3 shines as it feels to me like a refined sports car. It feels modern. The Gecko on the other hand, just as good but more of a "traditional" handling glider, higher pitch and roll pressures thus a bit harder to "throw" around. Landing is great on both! ample flare windows, good response with no VG, super easy. Amazing how the gliders at this level have progressed without sacrificing top end performance at full VG.

Sport 3 155 👍👍
Gecko 155 👍

Top end/glide performance:
I hook in at about 225 lbs. and couldn't notice a marked sink rate difference under the conditions or VG settings that I flew, but, but at full VG and straight glide I did observe a slightly better glide ratio on the Gecko 155, hum... always positive pitch pressure at any given VG setting (both), also a better speed bar position on full VG for my taste on the Gecko.

Gecko 155 👍

My conclusion:
Hey, you cannot go wrong with either one of them. I heard bad comments about the build quality of the Gecko back in Quest and this is simply not true. Really well made and sturdy, on the other hand the Sport 3 continues the Wills Wing heritage and industry standard of performance and quality, period.

So it boils down to a personal preference (still about the "Indian not the arrow" 😁) and if you don't mind the extra pounds and you choose a more competition biased flying, the Gecko could be the ticket.

To me and the conditions that I put myself to fly in, the Sport 3 is hands down my choice. Its "lite", modern and an enjoyable pleasure to fly!

Ecrit par: Alex 03 août 2018 à 14:17
Très intéressant, merci pour le rapport

Je suis d'accord avec lui le poids c'est important et une aile légère c'est très agréable

j'ai eu l'occasion de voler avec le sport2C c'est une super machine très agréable dans tous les domaines, le Sport 3 doit être le top pour un pilote qui ne fait pas de compète et qui veut se faire plaisir sans stress dry.gif