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>>> Hang glider WOOPY FLY

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If you have additional information (ex: specificity of piloting, various characteristics...) on the hang glider Woopy Fly by Salsa / Kalbermatten Laurent, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us :

Hang glider card : Woopy Fly
Name :
Manufacturer :
Salsa / Kalbermatten Laurent
Year :
Pilot level :
Manual :
Document(s) :
Hang glider model :
Wing area (m²) :
Wing span(m) :
Aspect ratio :
Hang glider weight (kg) :
Minimum pilot weight (kg) :
Maximum pilot weight (kg) :
Minimum speed (km/h) :
Maximum speed (km/h) :
Max glide ratio (L/H) :
Max glide ratio speed (km/h) :
Minimum sink rate (m/s) :
Packed length (m) :
Packed length short (m) :
Number of battens :
Nose angle (°) :


[Translation of the original French comment]
A motorized model also exists.


price of woopy fly ?
thanks a lot


According to the manufacture the LD quoted above . here at 6:1 is incorrect. 9:1 is the quoted LD.
The wing is inflated by 2 battery operated turbines on the undersurface and apparently ram pressure is sufficient to maintain wing profile in the event of motor failure. No information is given by the manufacturer on how sufficient canterlever structural strength in the wing is achieved in the absence of cable bracing. I suspect the tensairity concept has been employed. It is in keeping with the whole concept of inflation, short pack lenght and light weight.
Tensairity uses an inflatable tube with additional strut support.
The model shown in the photo above appaers to be an older concept using moveable rudder for roll control. Newer versions appear to use a fixed rudder and wing warping via movable A frame arms for roll control.


génial cet engin ! Combien ça coûte ? Je suis intéressé car je fais actuellement du paramoteur..
Merci d'avance.


donde lo puedo comprar y cuanto cuesta y para promoverlo adonde con quien me contacto

[Translation of the original French comment]
Price: About 15'000CHF and ready to fly about 10 minute!



Does anyone have ANY LATE NEWS about this woopy fly

[Translation of the original French comment]
this is soooo cool !!


Et on a toujours pas le prix de l'engin!!