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>>> Hang Glider Bible


The Hang Glider Bible is a data-base which has the ambition to list each hang glider with its specifications. This objective is not yet achieved; we need your assistance to contribute additional data.

If you have information or documents on a hang glider or a manufacturer (photos, manuals, etc...) you can send them to us by mail : .

Hang glider chronology

Chronological presentation of hang-gliders, classified by year of manufacture.
For many hang-gliders we do not have the date of manufacture, these are classified under the heading "?".
With your assistance we hope to be able to add the missing data.


Hang glider  Cumulus 2

Funny birds

Hang glider manufacturers occasionally have some funny ideas when they imagine the hang glider of their dreams.
Here is a selection of the strangest, most improbable or simply the most unusual hang gliders.

Hang glider  Icarus 5

Comments translation

In order to make the Hang Glider Bible accessible to the gratest number of people, it can be consulted in French or English.
If you wish to add your contribution to the development of the Hang Glider Bible, you can help us to translate the comments made by other users, in the two languages.

   Comments translation


The Hang Glider Bible in figures :

Number of referenced hang gliders : 877
Number of referenced harness : 105
Number of referenced manufacturers : 211
Number of comments (harness + hang glider) : 1395
Number of comments on the manufacturers : 32
Number of photos (large format) : 1501

Hang glider & Harness

Last comments
Hang glider Space 03/10/2015
test flight Space 14: ...
Hang glider Reflex 25/09/2015
Hi everybody,
do you know some owner of the CS version?
I would need ...
Hang glider Fuji 19/09/2015
Un petit vélo, facile a dire mais vu que le premier degré chez
moi es ...
Hang glider Max 17/09/2015
Confirm Lonerunners findings the Max157 is a great glider, but dont tre ...
Hang glider T2c 08/09/2015
Après une saison sous T2C144 full option, je donne mon avis.
Aile légè ...
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Last hang glider update

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Cocon (La Mouette)

Cocon (La Mouette)
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