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  Hang glider/Harness
Hang glider  Falcon 5  
The Wing was first produced in 1978 and passed all the British & German airworthyness tests.
Hang glider  Falcon 5  
I got my Falcon V in 1978 and flew it until 1987. So easy to fly, I mean really easy. Hours of fun flying in the far North and South West of Scotland. It is a tidy Wing and was a great replacement for... read more
Hang glider  First  
Très bonne aile un vrai petit vèlo qui monte en thermique mieux que beaucoup d'ailes sans mat .
son seul dèfaut chute vite des lors que l'on prend de la vitesse donc la laisser voler c'est le mieux.
Hang glider  Lancer 4  
Oops. I think Jim actually had it right. I went to work for Marty in October, 1980, not 1978. My bad. And that means that Flight Designs went out of business in 1984, not earlier.
Hang glider  Lancer 4  
There's not much I can add to Jim Lawrence's great write-up except to correct him on a minor historical point. Marty put the Lancer into production in Salinas in the summer of 1978. I know this becaus... read more
Hang glider  Comet  
Hang glider  Rumour Fever  
Great for the smaller pilot - easier handling and lighter weight. The A frame was slightly smaller as well.
Hang glider  Titanium  
oui bien sur que je l ai connais vos impression de toi et de deux autres copains que tu connait dans t on gabarie ( plume ) , mes a ma taille et pois au dessus c est bien différent.
Hang glider  Cumulus 10  
One morning in Chattanooga in 1977 as I laid in bed in the pilots bunkhouse, I listened to Chuck Toth (who ran the hang gliders motel) haggling with someone attempting to sell his yellow Cumi 10. A ye... read more
Hang glider  Titanium  
Mon vole Titanium et tu connais mes impressions, par contre il est vrai que d'autres commentaires seraient bienvenus...
Hang glider  Bamboo Bomber  
I knew Dick Eipper well during this period, and Steve Wilson in this photo shot on the Torrance Beach Cliffs that was my playground growing up in the mid fiftes. This photo was shot in either 1969 or... read more
Hang glider  Atlas  
Does anybody remember the Rithner Atlas. It was the first glider I owned in the mid 80's. Beautifully built and great to fly. Many fond memories.
Hang glider  Titanium  
j aimerais bien connaitre vos impression dans des conditions turbulente et des vent qui dépasse les 30 kh pour le modèle M que j ai testais dans du 20 kh - de moyenne , et je confirme je l ais trouvé... read more