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  Hang glider/Harness
Hang glider  Shark  
Flight Sails NZ ltd fait le "Shark"....... Pacific Kites fait le Vampyr ...... merci (Deux constructeurs différents à Auckland en Nouvelle Zélande réalisant deux hang gliders très différent... read more
Hang glider  Firebird F2  
This model is produced from

Aviation Products, AP,
and not from Firebird !
Hang glider  Spectrum  
I had a small Spectrum about 1980-83. It tip stalled then spun due to me flying too slowly during turn when changing from seated to prone. I crashed into a ploughed field; not badly injured but gave u... read more
Hang glider  Mars  
There where a limited number of a Mars 190 too. A friend in Sydney still has one. However some of the hardware has been changed to bits from other makes and a few adjustments made. It also has a n... read more
Hang glider  Desire  
Flown recently still goes great 16/9/17
Hang glider  Desire  
Flown recently still goes great 16/9/17
Hang glider  Target  
j'ai volé hier à la dune du Pyla avec un Target 16 pliable en 2m , une aile très facile, qui vole et monte bien, évidente à piloter, un régal !
Hang glider  Atlas  
Salut Paul Brunelliere ! Effectivement j'etais venu chercher l'atlas16 que nous avions plié en 3;50m .Apres renovation et test j'ai volé un hiver dessous en Oisans mais le model 16 etait trop peu mani... read more
Hang glider  Sting 2xc  
I fly an Airbourne Sting 2. It works well with my DoodleBug, winch tow and hill lauching.
I Aerotow too. This is more difficult with this glider as I fly with a chest release. If I set up a split rel... read more
Hang glider  France  
[Translation of the original French comment]
It is with one of these Rithner's tandem wings that I climbed the Mt Blanc, in front of Alain pachoud. That was 1976
Hang glider  Fledgling 3  
I have a Manta Fledge 3 , and a Manta Fledge 2B that I may be willing to sell , and a Fox Bat Trike
Hang glider  Gemini  
Le patron des lattes est disponible?
The batten pattern is available?
Hang glider  Seagull 3  
Yo tengo una Seagull IV, la vole muchas veces, actualmente guardada y tengo una Tecma XM
Hang glider  Etoile  
[Translation of the original French comment]
Easy single surface glider, very nice to fly. Take-offs and landings are no brainers.
I have great memories of my Etoile 17. I logged about 250 flights in the French alps (st Hilaire, Séderon, Gap, ... read more
Hang glider  Super Lancer  
Probably the most fun glider I ever owned. Just the thing for light wind ridge soaring in the 200 size. Just nothing bad to say about it at all.