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>>> Hang glider CUMULUS 10

Bible home » Hang glider : Cumulus 10

If you have additional information (ex: specificity of piloting, various characteristics...) on the hang glider Cumulus 10 by Eipper Formance, you can supplement his card by adding your comment or write to us :

Hang glider card : Cumulus 10
Name :
Manufacturer :
Eipper Formance
Year :
Pilot level :
Manual :
Document(s) :
Hang glider model :
Wing area (m²) :
Wing span(m) :
Aspect ratio :
Hang glider weight (kg) :
Minimum pilot weight (kg) :
Maximum pilot weight (kg) :
Minimum speed (km/h) :
Maximum speed (km/h) :
Max glide ratio (L/H) :
Max glide ratio speed (km/h) :
Minimum sink rate (m/s) :
Packed length (m) :
Packed length short (m) :
Number of battens :
Nose angle (°) :



I assembled gliders for Eipper in the late 70's and recognise this glider to be a Flex-III not a Cumulus-X. Nice picture though!


The Cumulus I have in storage has folding tubes for truncated wingtips. There are no battens, and the flying wires are adjustable for seated or prone. I'll send a picture.


Datu, you have a Cumulus 5


I correct myself. It is a Cum. 10. Very similar to a Flexi 3
Both Dave Cronk designs.


One morning in Chattanooga in 1977 as I laid in bed in the pilots bunkhouse, I listened to Chuck Toth (who ran the hang gliders motel) haggling with someone attempting to sell his yellow Cumi 10. A year later I met that pilot flying West Rutland and shared many a thermal with him. The Cumi-10 was gorgeous and seemed to thermal very well.