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Derniers commentaires
Deltaplane  229b3  
The two black and white photographs and the Orange Glider are of the Wasp 229B3 I built from a kit with my Dad in 1974 when I was 15. We thought ourselves to fly at Steyning Bowl in Sussex England. I ... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Magic 4  
The Pink, White and Blue Glider in the picture at (Ager, Spain) is mine. A Magic IV 155FR. The 155FR flies really well and although it was a smaller glider, heavier pilots managed it well. It is very... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Fhantom  
The following information I have from various Facebook comments. Apparently this design emulated the popular La Mouette Atlas. It had a bit more double surface, extra battens and a floating crosstube.... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Skyrunner  
Seedwings est peu blepiscité.
les personnes qui peuvent recommander cette marque et ses modeles: ont ils volé avec les modèles recommandé ffvl ?

https://delta.ff... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Sundog  
is it available to buy ?
Deltaplane  Rogalo Wing  
As Joe Faust first pointed out in 1973, that is not a "Rogallo" anything. Rogallo was a total fraud, and this contraption has nothing at all to do with hang gliding. Like Barry Palmer's effo... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Unknown / Inconnu  
That is John Dickenson flying his Frigate Design. The glider was built by Bill Moyes.
I have 14 colour photos here, and there was an article in Skysailor.
Bill didn't think it was worth the hassle t... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Combat 09 - Combat 09gt  
I would be glad if i could fly once again by my combat L 2006 but unfortunately i have retired sport and i just preparing my memorise which i had lovely time with my combat glider i missed fly for my ... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Icarus 2  
Does anyone know how to get plans for the Icarus or any of its variants?
Deltaplane  Firefly  
Just put down my firefly 220 with rainbow sail. Sad day. Flew it for 45 minutes one day by catching thermals off a rock face at High Rock, Penn-Mar Pennsylvania. I found it to be very stable in mo... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Skyrunner  
Concernant ce constructeur voir le commentaire que j'ai fait sur le Spyder
Deltaplane  Spyder  
Concernant le Spyder 14, suite à des commentaires élogieux sur ce site et l'avis d'un pilote très satisfait, en 2016 j'ai acheté d'occasion un Spyder 14 en excellent état, de toute évidence il ava... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Kiss / Magic Kiss  
I love my kiss and still fly it today.

I agree with the yaw at speed thing, although it only happened to me one time. I pulled full bar after a couple of flights and the glider started to weave. ... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Magic 4  
I still have my M4 166. I fly it with a Mozzie powered harness. Its gr8. My brother borrows it when we fly the East Anglia UK coast, while I fly the Kiss. It still flys as new :)
Deltaplane  Magic 4  
Sory, forgot to put the email-adress in my comment.
Deltaplane  Magic 4  
I have flown the Magic 4 177 for about 4 years. It was the best glider I ever have flown. Since 1993 i have finished flying due to some health problems. Since than the magic 4 is still in my garage an... lire la suite
Deltaplane  Zephir  
on ma offert ce zephir cx . déco facile elle demande qu a partir vol très facile ( maniable )et non épuisante dans les condition instable contrairement a la saphir avec c est 17 de surface ( normale ... lire la suite
Harnais  Suprone Flyer  
this is the Fly Light Aerosports trainer for the Doodle Bug. I was also distributing the Moyes giders in the US at the time so that may be where the incorrect connecting came from.
Deltaplane  Bamboo Bomber  
Dick was my younger brother. Since his passing in 1996 he is greatly missed. Although we had different goals in life, we were still the same adventuresome guys. We could never figure out where we got ... lire la suite